Hey There!!

Thank you for stumbling upon my blog! I am The Bean, and I love to read. I hope you find my words encourage you to pick up some of my favorite books, and I hope that if you do, that you enjoy them as much as I have.

Below you will find a little bit of my personal life. If you don’t care, and only care about my book life, go check out What makes me read.


I am a person. A human person. Who is a female. Yay boobs!

I’m twenty five and a perma-student. I have half degrees in everything but no actual degree. Why? Because I’ve changed my major more than I’ve changed my hair color, and I’ve had the rainbow in my hair.

I’m currently engaged to the prettiest boy in the world, at least according to me. We’re getting hitched in December of 2017. He’s my very best friend, and the best kisser too. We’ve been together since February 2008.

We also have a baby together!! That little human was born July 2014 and thankfully he’s almost exactly like his father. He got his eyes and his love of books from me however.

Other things I love are: Everything! Seriously I fall in love with everything. I don’t just have interests, if I get into something I fall in love.