Fifty Percent Feelings: The Young Widowers Handbook

“There is an arrogance to your sadness, this idea that everyone should care about your circumstances even though they have their own losses to mourn, even though they don’t know you.”

– Tom McAllister, The Young Widowers Handbook

Being 50% through the book now: It’s enlightening and confusing.

What I truly admire about this book, and especially about the place I am at currently with this book is the fact that Hunter, the main character realizes his journey has no actual plan. He does not know what he is seeking, and he does not know how to find this mysterious end. He is wandering aimlessly. It shows a very real part of loss which is what I love and appreciate.

You can sense his numbness to the entire situation he has been placed in. How at times he almost feels detached, even mentioning how he feels like an outsider to his own misfortunes, and especially to the journey which he is on.

I cannot predict how this is going, and I thought I would have had a clearer outcome in mind being halfway through the book now. I’m not sure if the main character has grown on me because I have learned to ignore his complaints about life, pasts and present, or if he is actually becoming a tolerable person as a character. I am beginning to learn Kait was not as perfect and charming as Hunter has made her out to be, he’s finally beginning to reminisce on the flawed Kait who is a bit of a prude, with a very Type A personality. The only thought in mind is that maybe underneath the sadness and grief of having just lost his wife, there is a flash of relief to his being a widower.


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