Twenty-Five Percent Feelings: The Young Widowers Handbook

“There is rimagesomance and then there is love and although they’re related to each other, they are not the same thing. Romance is temporary, predicated on countless variables working synchronously to create something memorable that vaguely recalls a scene from a familiar movie; it’s perhaps a step on the way to love, or a reaffirmation of love, or maybe it’s just a single beautiful moment with no other meaning beyond itself. Love, it’s this other thing, a thing that manifests itself in the most unremarkable moments.”

-Tom McAllister, The Young Widowers Handbook

Being 25% through the book now: It’s okay.

It starts with a description of a plan. A young couple eagerly awaiting their life to really start when suddenly Kait dies of a ruptured fallopian tube from an ectopic pregnancy. It’s enough to reel anyone in.

What follows in a series of depressing and frustrating days for Hunter, the widower. Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, dealing with the death of your new wife who you learned was pregnant after her death is another thing entirely. I want to feel distraught and upset with him. I am saddened by the death of Kait, but Hunter makes it difficult to have more than just the minimum amount of sympathy for him.

The book is constantly going back and forth between the present tense, and his memories of him and Kait (from the time they met, to her final days), and even Hunter in the past, a character who is supposedly happy with his life, is difficult to like. He seems to find life boring and many things unworthy of his time. I understand feeling as if the one you love is the only good thing in your life, but he takes it to another level. Kait on the other hand is easy to love, perhaps this is the way the writer wants you to feel. Maybe, as the book goes on I will finally feel the proper amount of sympathy for him and  some details will be revealed to make me not be so annoyed with the main character.

It is an easy enough read, and although I am not in love with it, I am drawn to the storyline and am intrigued with finding out the rest of Hunter’s journey to find his purpose after his wife’s death.

Love and Light, 
The Bean♥

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